The Industrial Park


Location of the Industrial Park

The green-field industrial area belonging to Nyergesújfalu was entitled as Industrial Park in 2000. Our Industrial Park was extended twice since then, receiving the current size of 123 hectares. The park area is bordered by the local forest (“kiserdő”) from the West, the Esztergom–Almásfüzitő single track railway and Route 10 from the North, and Búzás Hill (“Búzás-hegy”) from the South. On the Eastern side it can be extended eastwards with the purchase of lands currently being under agricultural cultivation, even up to the administrative borders of the village Tát. The Industrial Park now has the size of 123 ha with a net 16 ha free area available. This free area consists of two blocks (one is 12 ha and the other is 4 ha), both of them available for use or purchase in whole or as smaller, stand-alone estates. Our Industrial Park is the home of Magyar Toyo Seat Kft., manufacturer of car seats; the local hypermarket of TESCO Global Áruházak Zrt., a company of commercial profile; HOLCIM Hungária Zrt., planning to build the most state-of-the-art cement factory in Europe inside the park; and also several other SMB’s working within the building, woodworking and warehousing industries.








Current state and accessibility The free area is a property of the Nyergesújfalu City Government; it’s an industrial area out of agricultural cultivation. It has a mild slope (of 2%) northwards. It has humus topsoil with clay marl layers on mixed loess. Groundwater is located 3.0-3.5 deep, in a non-aggressive form. The area is accessible from Route 10 across a level (railroad) crossing and an intersection controlled by traffic lights. Establishment of industrial railway leading to the Industrial Park by open-track branching may be allowed to investors. Environmental characteristics, green areas The Industrial Park is adjacent to the Eastern borders of inner part of the city, currently . Surface drainage is solved by unique infiltration trenches next to the working industrial facilities but due to a pending infrastructure development tender a new, closed rainwater drainage system will be built within a year expectedly, with an inlet to the Danube. The industrial area has a forested area border from the built-in part of the city requiring protection. The park has a favorable orientation regarding the prevailing Northwest-North winds. Site coverage The free area of the Industrial Park has the maximum site coverage of 50%, the allowed building heights of 14.0 m and the minimum green area ratio of 25%. These key figures can be modified in some cases with regard to the technology. The minimum plot size allowed is 2000 m2 in the 4 ha block, and 5000 m2 in the 12 ha block, respectively.

The area is accessible from Route 10 across a level (railroad) crossing and an intersection controlled by traffic lights. The free areas are directly accessible through an access road establishment from the collector road leading from North to South. The utility wires supplying the whole industrial park are in the Northwest part of the area. Long-term water supply is insured by the water base owned by Zoltek Rt., located on the Danube bank. The establishment of the inner drinking and firewater system was made by the use of the regional aqueduct NÁ 300 supplying the city, and can be taken forward to any direction upon request. The drainage of wastewater created in operational areas is ensured by the sewage pump station on the Northwest, from here the water flows to the main water basin through the main sanitary sewer, and finally arrives to the municipal water treatment plant. Rainwater drainage of the inner, already built-in areas is currently solved by infiltration trenches. The centralized rainwater drainage system will be built within a year expectedly. It will flow the created wastewater into the Danube through the NA 400-1200 rainwater-drainage pipes, crossing the railway and the road. The gas supply of the industrial area is ensured by connecting to the high-middle pressure municipal transmission pipeline. Supply can be ensured either from a built-in gas receiving station or by extending the transmission line and building a stand-alone gas receiving station. Underground cable branching can be established from the 20 kV and 120 kV overhead electrical wires along the area, even from two directions. Electric power can be gained from the substation established by the provider, almost without limits. Telephone landlines and ISDN lines can be built by branching out from the main optical fiber cable starting from the urban telephone exchange (RSU) and installing a multiplexer (MUX) station. District heating can be ensured from the municipal system upon request. The capacity of each infrastructure element can be increased, even multiplied in some cases. It is worth investing in Nyergesújfalu Industrial Park because it has excellent economic geography, is easily accessible, offers a high-level built-in and ready-to-be-established infrastructure, is situated in an industrial area of great traditions, is operated by an enterprise-friendly local government, has a clear and straightforward ownership status, and provides quick and expert-level investment administration.
For more information please call Mr. Márton Fekete, head of the urban development department on the following numbers: +36 33 514 320 (213) and +36 20 575 7263. If you are interested, we are pleased to give you a consultation with real-site presentation.

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